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Nivea Care Nourishing Cream without the greasy feeling

 Ages ago... before Covid ( doesn't it feel that way?), as we were travelling through Changi Airport, I knew it would be cold for us in Calcutta. Since I enjoy moisturizing my skin, couldn't help when I saw this cream on display at the duty-free. I'm a sucker for Nivea products I can admit. So, when I saw this, I had to pick up one at least. 

I have never seen this variant of Nivea Creme. Thought it would be something between the Original and Nivea soft and yes, I was right.

It's neither too light like the Nivea Soft, nor as dense as the original. So, I kept using it on my face. 

My experience with the Nivea Care Creme is quite on the fence. Read on to know more...

because in the cold Calcutta, I was happily massaging it on my face. I would scoop out an adequate amount, rub it between my palms and gently massage it on. My skin was well nourished and there wasn't any dryness. But as we arrived back to Singapore which was hot and humid, things started taking a different turn. Within a day or two, I started noticing small bumps under my skin and once we were back to the Philippines where the weather is similar and summer was approaching, the cream started giving zits! No bueno! I had to stop using it completely.

BUT, how did I use up? Simple. I used it on my neck and chest and often as a body cream and it felt soo good.  My chest and neck skin would feel better since the products I use for face are lighter because of my oily skin

And that's the thing with Nivea products. I don't know why, it always feel they put out quality products which can be a hit or a miss depending on the skin type but at the end of the day, I can still use it some way or other and be happy about them. Doesn't that make up for a lot of things?

I don't remember the price clearly, but I think it was somewhere around 7 SGD at the duty-free

All that being said, I don't know if I want to buy it again. there are lots of other products out there. Still, if I need a rich body-butter kind of product and see this one, I would surely get another tub.