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Note to my e-mail subscribers: Change is only Constant and What's changing? All is not lost

 I have apologized numerous times for not posting regularly. There had been a bunch of excuses like new place, new life, figuring out my way around, responsibilities and most importantly health and mental health issues and a constant feeling of burnt out.

Nevertheless, blogging does keep me happy. BUT, there came changes again. As I'm about to enter a new phase of life, Blogger decided to throw in a punch. Not only did it make weird senseless changes, now FeedBurner is adding to the woe by doing away with their email subscriptions feature and I still don't know what exactly I need to do about it.


Majority if my silent and long time readers are subscribed through emails and I would hate to lose them because, above everything else, my small but stolid base of readers have been everything to me. So, while I figure out what to do, I would request everyone to please either follow me on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter or just keep checking this space for new posts

I have decided not to be worried about photos in the posts ( which is a major headache for me) and was never the priority but still want to randomly keep posting.

Hope you receive this in your inbox and read.