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Quick Fx Sun Screen & Quick Fx Dewy Sleeping Mask

 Having a good experience with Quick Fx Pimple Eraser Cream ( which I reviewed in the previous post), I dabbled into more products. But, as usual, did not want to land up with a unusable products which add to physical waste and also loss of money. Yes, I am trying to be more careful and mindful. It's good to be mindful of expenses. Anyway, back on track, I got hold of the sachet which came for 99 PHP if I recollect correctly. I also got a Dewy Sleeping Mask because we were expecting travels again.

Quick Fx Sun Screen 

It is SPF 50 +++ which is great. I prefer that strength as my skin tans and burns easily. So, anything with SPF, I am game to a least try it.

Quick Fx Sunscreen
Quick Fx Sunscreen Sachet

Here is what I found.

Price: 99 PHP for a 10 gram sachet and 279 for a full size of 30 ml

It is a slightly beige-tinted thick cream which smells mild but pleasant, ( That's lotus scent I believe).
It feels great on the skin and lightly moisturizes too.

Now, after applying it, I feel my face looks pretty grey/ white cast which goes away after a while. I have been wearing it at home without much issue. But, the day before the lock down started here, my husband and I went out to stock up on some essentials. It was a hot sunny day and suddenly my husband asked, " Why is your face dripping with white fluid?" The sweat melt the sunscreen and it started running down. That was a mess!

Shall I repurchase? The white cast and the fact that it melts is too much for me to handle. Still, a full size is quite an economic one and it feels good on the skin. So, I am much in a dilemma. I might buy it to use as my at home daily sunscreen.

Quick Fx Dewy Sleep Mask review

Unlike the earlier 2 products from Quick Fx, I really don't have much to rave about. 

I was able to get at least 4-5 uses from this mask. The first time I applied, the mask felt so soft and emollient. It just glided in and made my skin look instantly smooth. But, the feel of it was more like putting on a skin primer.

After 3-4 uses, I felt there were small bumps coming up under the surface of the skin, to put it other way, my skin felt clogged.

Even though dimethicone in small amount has never been a big problem for me, but in larger quantity, it doesn't sit well on my skin which is why, I try to be mindful of the hair serums which might cause acne on my face. In the ingredient list, dimethicone ranks very low, yet, I don't like the overall effect on my skin and honestly, this pack neither gave me a dewy look nor gave even any temporary benefit. So, this is a pass.

The Sleep mask comes for around 69 PHP ( 85 INR approx) and no, I am not buying it again.

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Tata until next time


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