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[This post has been lying in my draft forever because did not want to a post without photos I actually wanted. However, I have used up quite some of these products and there is nothing left of those to shoot. Yeah! I'm that dedicated! So, trying to manage with whatever I have. Hope you still like it]

 2020 has been my comparatively low-buy year. I'm trying to go minimalistic. But no, I'm not doing a Marie Kon. I don't want to throw away my money, but make the most of it and yes, I tried not to buy much makeup or skincare either. Initially it was quite difficult especially, with brands suddenly bombing with variety of makeup and skincare. But, since July end 2020 and 2021, when I got quite a few Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks, I kind of put a hard stop. I do buy skincare only if I run out. Like, I almost ran out of sunscreens, and got 2. Would use one washable indoors and one sweat-proof outdoors. Other than that, nope. I also realized the makeup I am buying with love is sitting around to die in a corner (expire) while I try using up my old stock. This year, I am making an exception, I am going to use up or at least put a dent into the makeup I purchased with love and products I actually like a lot. Let me begin 

Lip Products: I currently have 3 .


  • Revlon Matte Balm... This I think is a very old one. I wanted to buy a fuchsia, instead ended up with this purple. However, it works well on me which you can tell by the size and should be gone by December 2020. I really enjoyed wearing this one but not repurchasing mostly because I have other stuff to use up.
  • J Cat beauty Lipstick... I have shared this numerous times on my Instagram page. Btw, I have a  new handle now. DO FOLLOW ME @makeupnchitchat. This is a beautiful nude rosewood leaning on warm side. It is very much visible on my lips and doubles up wonderfully as a cream blush and eye-shadow ( long flight tricks) to give an elegant put-together look.
  • L'Oreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick in Scarlett: Absolutely love it and looks gorgeous on my lips. Unfortunately it sat around too long and is on the brink of going off. So, decided to give it some tough love.

Started using up Ever Bilena Powder : This matches my skintone beautifully and the packaging is as functional as it gets. The powder by itself can provide a light coverage which works beautifully for me. I have already made a huge pan and guess it will be gone soon.

  1. In this I can't have just 1 colour. My .... palette has been lying around over a long time. It's time it gets to work. The colours are all versalitle and very wearable. I am using this a lot.
  2. Inglot Blushers: I probably shouldn't use these. But well, I would. These are very pigmented. Don't know if I would succeed in hitting pan.
Eye brow:
Right now I am using my very old Ever Bilena Eyebrow pencil. ( I used it up fast and never took a photo. Don't know where my head's at!) I like this brand. Pocket friendly and functional packaging and quite good product. This has been there until I forgot. recently took it out and been loving it. It's running out quicker than I anticipated and I keep reaching out for it. That speaks for itself.

If you are always reaching out for a particular product without thinking about it, you know it is worth your hard-earned money .

Liner: My old Lakme Kajal: Wanted something I can quickly use and can be removed without a struggle and as usual, it is providing a good service,

Next is the biggest feat I am trying to undertake... eye shadows. Let's see how it rolls.


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